Rwanda and Me: my story

Hello! My name is Camila and I would like to tell my story.

Since 2012 I’ve fallen in love with Rwanda. It all began when I had more contact with the history of the Rwandan genocide in college. I changed my Undergraduate final project so I could study more about Rwanda – and I did.

Back then, a motivation to visit Rwanda and confront what I’d learned with reality had grown. So when I got into the Master’s Degree in International Relations, I had an idea of combining two areas of study that I like: Rwanda and International Cooperation. In doing so, I realized that there aren’t many discussions/debates about African aspects outside stereotypes like hunger, conflict and crisis.

To increase the academic debate and inform Brazilians that yes, there is more (a lot more than you and me know) about Africa I decided to create My Ruanda Brasil. My Ruanda Brasil is a project held on Facebook and Blogspot to spread information about Africa, Rwanda in particular, and to write about my steps to get to Rwanda.


To find more information, data and documents about International Decentralized Cooperation (in other words, cooperation between cities, districts, provinces and states from all parts of the world) I will travel to Rwanda and spend one month there. It won’t be an easy research but I am confident that I will come back with more information than I have now.

How to donate

To travel to Rwanda I need your help. I’m doing a crowdfunding to raise money for my field research, In order to do that, I need to raise all R$ 3,500.00 that I’m asking for so I can get the funds. If I don’t reach my goal, I won’t get one cent from the campaign. It would be amazing if you helped me to achieve my dream: to do research in Rwanda.

All donations and spreading the word are more than welcome. 

Thank you so much!
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