#MyRuanda: Why Rwanda? (Video in portuguese)

Well, I will try to tell you how I got acquainted with Rwanda. That video about is in portuguese (I’m sorry, I’m a shy person and I don’t speak english very well, hahahaha), so I wrote down a summary in english for you, ok?
So the first time I got interested in Rwanda, it was in 2012 in a Seminar in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). It was in a lecture about resolutions of conflicts, when the teacher talked about Rwanda and I found myself thinking: I need to know more about it. When I got back home I couldn’t stop searching about Rwanda’s genocide, so I decided to do my monograph about Rwanda’s genocide and the role of International Society. 
First of all, I need to tell you who I am: I’m Camila, 25 years old, I’m doing Master’s Degree in International Relations and I’m finishing my Project Management’s Specialization. I’m also Bachelor in International Relations. 
I graduated in January 2013 but since that time I haven’t studied much about Rwanda. To apply for Master’s Degree, for example, I chose to study Paradiplomacy (or participation of local governments in international arena). But as I got the Masters program, I decided to put together both, paradiplomacy and Rwanda. So my dissertation will be about Rwandan Local Governments and Regional Development. 
I’d love to go to Rwanda. I want to talk with people over there and know more about their reality.

Thank you, guys!